Crest Linea 30

Welcome to the world of Crest LINEA...our portfolio of stylish and elegant long format style bricks.

This style of brick has become increasingly popular over the last few years. These stunning bricks certainly provide the opportunity to create a unique and striking appearance to both exterior and interior walls of any build.

Crest LINEA bricks are available in a wide choice of colours, textures and finishes. In terms of Linea Brick sizes the range includes lengths from 240mm to 490mm and heights from 40mm to 65mm. We have provided images of some of the types of Linea Bricks we have available at the bottom of this page (pdf format). However we have access to literally dozens of other options (colours, blends and formats) so please do get in touch if what you see here isn't quite what you are looking for. 

For further information, or to order sample, call us on 01430 432667.

Crest Terra Vesuvius Grey 365x115x52mm Crest Terra Light Ochre

Here at Crest we can source and produce unique Linea bricks for bespoke projects like these long format bricks below...

Crest LINEA TERRA Long Bricks

The LINEA Terra range of bricks come in a range of colours and finishes and two sizes; 365 x 90 x 52mm or 365 x 90 x 40mm

The TERRA long bricks have more of a soft matt finish and are perfect for contemporary styles for interior and exterior walls.

You can download the individual info cards below for 'Smoked Black',  'Light Ochre', Vesuvius Grey and 'Ash Grey'. We can provide in other colours and finishes so if these are not quite what you were looking for then do give us a call on 01430 432667.