Natural Clay Paving

On this section of our site we are delighted to present an exciting range of clay pavers and paving bricks. This collection has been developed specifically for us by our manufacturing partners, who like ourselves pride themselves on their quality of product and understand that service and customer care is their lifeblood.

Having a well established and experienced team here at Crest, we are always pleased to share our knowledge with our customers. So please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email if you have any specific or bespoke requirements where we might be able to help.

We have different styles of clay paving bricks and can offer bespoke solutions and matching service if you require this.

As with all orders we are able to offer a fast and efficient nationwide distribution service to all corners of the British Isles and Ireland.

Should you not find what you are looking for here or on our website or you just require a little more information and advice, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01430 432667.

The Benefits of Clay Pavers

From ancient times, clay paving bricks have long been the favoured material of ‘civilised landscape designers’ who recognised the durability and creative benefits of fired clay. Our manufacturers have enhanced these ancient traditions with their own firing process, which gently enhances the colours and provides a silk-like finish to the clay paver surface.

Crest KeraPave Caramel pavers


We can provide a wide range of specialist paving bricks to enhance paths, driveways and feature work.  Our Priory Collection of clay bricks are available in six stunning colours and would complement any project whilst providing Architects and Planners with a multitude of design options for paving patterns and bond styles.

Priory Charcaol blue and Golden buff
Priory Heather and Yellow Multi
Red Multi and Silver Sand


Durability & Substainability

Clay pavers have exceptional hardness and are proven to last for literally hundreds of years. Clay brick paving can be recycled many times over and as such retains a high residual value. In time these clay paving bricks can also easily be taken up for repair work, be replaced or relocated.

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, due to their durability and longevity, clay pavers can be reused and recycled if required. The production of clay pavers is done in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner (including the reusing clay quarry locations).

By the nature of ‘open brick paving’ this ensures there is sufficient aeration and allows water to filter into the subsoil, which is also a benefit in environmentally sensitive or 'green' locations.


Crest clay pavers need little if any maintenance. Clay paving bricks are resistant to weather conditions such as frost and are not as susceptible to the rigours of modern-day environmental elements such as oil, petrol, rubber, dirt and grit.


Crest KeraPave Burnt Red towpath