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Crest are delighted to offer fibre cement slate as an alternative to natural slate. Here we have a choice of four natural looking slates, all with the technical benefits of fibre cement.

When it comes to Fibre cement Slate, leave nothing to chance and choose to cover your roof with the strongest and most stylish slates available.

Our SVK slates are available in four finishes, smooth with square or dressed edges, textured with square or dressed edges, and in 2 colours, Blue-black and Welsh blue. These slates require no preliminary grading before fixing, making it less expensive to use than traditional natural slate.

These fibre cement slates have been used on roofs in the UK for over nearly 30 years. You can be confident that these slates are very suitable to withstand all types of weather conditions so much so that they come with a 30year structural guarantee.

Why choose fibre cement slates?

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  • Dimensional Stability: These slates offer structural consistency, requiring no preliminary grading before fixing. This combined with their ease of installation results in considerable savings in time and associated costs on site.
  • Lightweight:  Due to their light weight, fibre cement slates do not require a heavy load bearing roof construction, which means less timber is required for the structure.
  • Easy to Work With:  The strength and stability of these slates make them resistant to breakage and very easy to work with on site.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Crest and SVK take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Along with using organic fibres, the slates are also coated with a high-quality and durable acrylic paint, which is water-based.
  • Easy to handle: The slates are strapped in easy to handle bundles.
  • Moss inhibiting  constituents: In order to prevent moss growth, special moss inhibiting constituents are added to the double coating.
  • Range of colours and accessories: Choose between 2 colours;  Blue-black and Welsh blue. A wide range of ridge tiles and other accessories helps you to achieve a perfect finish to your roof.

Four different types of slate

There are four different slates available as outlined below, download the Info cards underneath each product photo for more details about each slate. In addition there is a download of the technical data document at the bottom of the page.

Montana Blue-Black-lr


Slates with a textured surface and have dressed edges, they are available in Blue-black and Welsh blue.

Rustic Blue-Black-sm-lr


Slates with a textured surface and square edges, available in Blue-black and Welsh blue.

Glenstone Blue-Black-sm-lr


These slates have a smooth surface and dressed edges, available in Blue-black.

Vertessa blue-black-sm-lr


The Vertessa slates have a smooth surface and square edges, available in blue-black.