Crest Planum and PV Solar System

Aesthetically and Technically Advanced

Our new Crest PV Solar Tiles are engineered to fit quickly and easily with your roof tiles, giving an almost seamless, attractive finish to your completed roof with the benefits of an instant clean efficient energy supply.

Beautiful aesthetics
The solar tiles fit seamlessly with the Crest Planum high quality micro concrete flat tiles. They fit in perfectly with the rooflines so the solar tiles blend very well with the roof tiles and appear virtually invisible.

Long lifespan
The solar tiles are made from high-quality materials which have been specially selected and tested for this product. They are designed to have a lifespan of at least 25 years. The roof tiles themselves come with a 30-year guarantee. 

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Solar Red Panel 1

New Planum Red PV Solar System

Double Pantile PV

Aslo available in Doubel Pantile PV

New Planum PV Red Solar Tile
Crest are delighted to supply a new Red PV Solar Tile which matches and interlocks perfectly with our Cayenne Red Concrete Roof Tile. The panels offer all the same qualities as the black modules with beautiful aesthetic to the completed roof. For further details download the PDF data card below.

Simple and quick assembly makes the Crest PV solar tiles ideal for new construction and renovation projects.

Value of your home
Solar energy does add value to your home. The beautiful aesthetics of our solar tiles increase this further. A nice thought if you come to sell your home!

Easy fitting
The solar tiles can be supplied in different widths. The Standard width is 1500mm, but we can also provide a 600mm variant, which allows for a roofscape to optimise its energy potential.

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Product Guarantees and Certifications.
Crest PV Solar Tiles are tested by KIWA and BDA according to the Dutch Building Decree according to NEN 7250: Solar Energy Systems - Integration into Roofs and Facades - Architectural aspects. The Product Warranty is 10 years from the installation date and 25 years on power generation.

Crest PV Solar 3 Crest PV Solar 1

The solar tiles have been tested according to the following standards:

  • UV testing according to double ECE R110 automotive test-sunlight exposure
  • Wind load test according to NEN-EN 14437: 2004
  • Snow load test according to NEN-EN 1991-1-3
  • Water-resistance test according to NEN 2778
  • Fireproof test according to standard NEN 6063, NPRCEN/TS 1187: 2012
  • Electrical power generation guaranteed for 25 years from date installation; 80% initial performance according to IEC 61215: 2004
  • Construction and electrical safety guaranteed according to IEC 61730-1: 2007 and IEC 61730-2: 2004

*As per European trademark Nr.7287956, filed on 2nd October 2008, the Trademark PLANUM belongs to La Escandella. It is Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp as authorized licensee of the owner allowed to use the mark PLANUM for its concrete product.