At Crest we have one of the best collections of bricks available in the UK. We currently have over 120 different brick types available. Whether your project is a residential or commercial development we think that with such a comprehensive choice you can be confident to find the ideal brick type. By clicking on a brick panel below you will see a larger image and be able to download the relevant info card which has the specification for each brick.

Should you not be able to find what you are looking for here, then please do get in touch as we may have new brick types in production or it might simply not yet be featured here.  

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Paving Bricks

Our range of high-quality clay paving bricks will enhance any build whether it's residential, civil spaces or commercial developments. At Crest, we can supply a range of specialist pavers. C...

Engineering Bricks

Our Class A and Class B's are the ideal engineering bricks. The bricks themselves are engineered to the highest of standards and exceed British & European standards. ...

Glazed Bricks

Crest supply an extensive range of glazed bricks and blocks in a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes. We have supplied these products for both residential and commercial projects. Our...

Linea Long Format Bricks

Welcome to the world of Crest Linea...our portfolio of stylish and elegant long format style bricks.

The lengths we go to...
Linea is an exclusive range of bricks which brings s...

Roofing Tiles

The Crest Nelskamp Roofing range has proven to be an inspired choice when used with both modern and traditional styles of architecture as well as renovation and heritage works. Whatever your needs, from traditional rustic pantiles to beautiful large format clay and crafted glazed tiles we have a wide choice of roofing materials all proven to enhance any type of build.

At Crest we continue to push the boundaries in terms of supplying innovative high quality engineered roofing tiles that have excellent technical properties all of which are guaranteed for a minimum of 30 Years. Most of our tiles have been carefully designed to reduce both labour and material costs as well as completion times without sacrificing the quality and overall aesthetics and appearance of the roof which is obviously important to planning and environmental needs.

Crest Roofing Tiles are Manufactured to CE EN 1304 and EN 490/491 standards.

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Concrete Tiles

Our Nelskamp concrete tiles have simply outstanding technical and aethetic properties.

Special Roof Tiles

Here are some alternate types of clay tiles aside from the more popular profiles. All of the same high quality as their more traditional counterparts.


We have a great selection of traditional and modern interlocking clay pantiles

Flat & Plain Tiles

Our S9 and G10 are the primary examples of our superb clay flat tiles, if it's concrete you need then look no further than our Planum and Planum 2 Duo tiles

Large Format Tiles

We have a number of high quality larger format clay tiles which make for a very economical and exacting roof.


Our Aerated Concrete blocks have excellent build benefits. These blocks are non-flammable, they are impermeable to frost and moisture and provide outstanding industry leading insulating properties. Above all, our aircrete blocks are quick and cost efficient to lay. In practice, this is a decisive argument for contractors to use these blocks, as this results in a faster, higher quality construction. 

All Crest Blocks are manufactured to comply with European standards EN 771-4:2011 (CE-marked).



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7.3N Blocks

We currently offer 7.3N Blocks in 100mm and 300mm sizes

3.6N Blocks

We currently provide our 3.6N Blocks in 100mm and 300mm

Solar Tiles

Our new Crest PV Solar Tiles are engineered to fit quickly and easily with your roof tiles, giving an almost seamless, attractive finish to your completed roof with the benefits of an instant clean efficient energy supply.

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