Stunning bricks added to the Crest range

19 Jul 2019

New Range Pix

Crest are delighted to add 4 new facing bricks to the range. These latest editions have some stunning colours in the blend enhanced by subtle textures, all perfect for every type of build project. FOR PRODUCT SAMPLES please contact Wille on 01430 432667 or by email on [email protected]

Chatsworth Blend

The Chatsworth Blend bricks carry a mix of warm red shades interspersed with a darker grey black and soft white bricks. The Chatsworth has subtle textures and will work well in a wide variety of locations and is available in 65mm.

Highgate Antique

The Highgate Antique bricks are a warm red based brick complimented by other bricks which have predominantly black and brown shades in this blend.  The Highgate works well in both Town and Country locations and has a modern fresh appearance.

Thoresby Blend

Thoresby Blend is a collection of red, brown, buff and black bricks and has been recently added to the Crest range. The colour variations show a play of subtle colours from buff-yellow, red-brown to grey-black. These shades are all supplied in well-balanced proportions and would work well in all modern projects.

Sunningdale Mixture

The Sunningdale Mixture has vibrant energy appearance, with its colourful range of reds and buffs combined with a selection of  two-tone bricks brings this blend to life. The Sunningdale is perfect for contemporary style builds and would work well with modern projects.