Crest bricks brings life back to 1970s garage development in South London

8 Nov 2018

At Crest we believe our products transform buildings into something remarkable and this latest development showcases how our bricks can unlock the potential on any site. Grove Lane is a new two-storey home constructed by Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture within the Camberwell Grove Conservation Area. 

The new development has replaced an existing garage facing onto a mews street, and is both contemporary and simple in form, which also harmonises with neighbouring properties. Large first-floor windows are similar in scale to the neighbouring house, while minimal openings to the ground floor garage maintain privacy from the street. 

Crest’s Titan Multi is a rich textured stock brick and ‘waney-edge’ timber panelling combine to form a simple yet interesting facade, this brick was an ideal choice with its range of sand colour shades to the base brick with dark grey black tones to some bricks which complemented the wooden cladding and black window frames.  

Camberwell Grove mews house
Crest Titan Multi brick