Salt Glaze brick collection added to the Crest range.

17 Nov 2023


Looking for something that will bring your building project to life? The Crest design team is delighted to add these beautifully crafted salt glaze bricks to their range.

Whether used across an entire facade or selectively to accentuate specific features, our exterior salt-glazed bricks bring soft, subtle textures to your designs. They harmonize beautifully with complementary or contrasting bricks, diverse colours, textures and alternative building materials.

Manufactured to the highest standard these perforated bricks offer low maintenance and are extremely eye-catching, something that, no doubt will stretch the imagination and feature highly on the agenda of creative architects, specifiers and developers.

Copper Brown Web copy Harvest Gold Web copy

Copper Brown

Harvest Gold

Midnight Blue Web copy Oxblood Red Web copy

Midnight Blue

Oxblood Red

With a choice of 4 stunning colours; Copper Brown, Harvest Gold, Midnight Blue and Oxblood Red, plus the option to create your blend the Salt Glaze collection from Crest is available in standard metric size 215mm x 102.5mm x 65mm. To see how these bricks can turn your project into something exceptional order your free samples at: [email protected]

Or for further details contact the Crest team on 01430 432 667
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