3.6N 300mm AAC Block

These 3.6N / 300mm Category 1 Aircrete Blocks are 599 x 140 x 300mm


Size: L- 599mm x H-140 x W- 300mm

Compressive Strength:  ≥ 3,6 N/mm²


Thermal Conductivity:  0.16W/m.K


Density: 600 kg/m³


No.per pallet: 56 Blocks


Pack Weight: 1075kg


Pack Dimensions (mm): 1200 x 1000 x 1350


Packs per lorry load: 26


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3.6N 300mm AAC Block

These Crest AAC masonary units are class category 1 for loadbearing and non-loadbearing masonary applications in all forms of walling including single leaf, cavity, partitions, retaining walls and basements. All of our Blocks comply with CE and EN771-4:2011 standards.

  • Faster, better build
  • Bigger blocks = less joints
  • Save on mortar cost/prep
  • Cleaner site/less waste
  • Easy to handle
  • Energy efficient
  • A warmer property
  • Excellent fire safety
  • Future proof your build

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3.6N 300mm AAC Block

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