Atlanta Grey

The Atlanta is a grey sintered brick with light tones and is a new addition to the Crest range.


  • size: 65mm and 50mm
  • compressive strength: 25N/mm²
  • water absorption: 17%
  • durability: FL / F2
  • weight per pack: 65mm: 1600kg
  • pack size: 65mm: 730
  • active soluble salts content: S2
  • dry weight per brick 65mm: 2.19kg
  • dimensional tolerances: T1 Range Category R1

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Atlanta Grey

The Atlanta Grey is an attractive looking multi brick with creative textures and a varied selection of light grey tones complimented with some sintered bricks. We are delighted to add this to our portfolio and offer a new option to our impressive collection of grey bricks.  This would work well in both modern and traditional projects and is available in both 50 and 65mm.

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Atlanta Grey

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