Buckland Light Red Multi

The Buckland Light Red Multi has recently been added to the Crest collection, a superb light red multi brick is a perfect choice for a variety of styles.


  • Size: 65mm: 212 x 100 x 65mm, 50mm: 212 x 100 x 50mm
  • compressive strength: 35 N/mm²
  • water absorption: ≤ 10%
  • durability: FL / F2 Class 3
  • pack size:  65mm: 632,  50mm: 792
  • weight per pack: approx. 65mm: 1390kg,  50mm: 1390kg
  • active soluble salts content: S2
  • dry weight per brick: 65mm: 2.2kg, 50mm: 1.8kg
  • dimensional tolerances: T1 Range Category R1

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Buckland Light Red Multi

The Buckland Light Red Multi is a versatile light red brick and has slightly softer red tones interspersed with darker grey. It’s visually very attractive and works well with different coloured mortars and can be used for a wide range of architectural styles in town or country.

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Buckland Light Red Multi - Mortar Colour Options

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Buckland Light Red Multi

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