Charlwood Yellow

The Charlwood Yellow is a new edition and part of the Charlwood collection.


  • size: 65mm
  • compressive strength: 38.6 N/mm²
  • water absorption: 13.5%
  • durability: FL / F2
  • weight per pack: 65mm: 1100kg
  • pack size: 65mm: 540
  • active soluble salts content: S2
  • dry weight per brick: 2.0kg
  • dimensional tolerances: T1 Range Category R1
  • brick type: Stock

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Charlwood Yellow

The Charlwood Yellow Stock has been developed from the Charlwood Stock, with shades of yellow/buff with light and dark rustic brown bricks added to the blend. This stock brick is ideal for a multitude of projects and architectural styles and is only available from Crest and through their leading builder’s merchant partners.

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Charlwood Yellow

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