London Yellow Stock Tumbled

Crest have added a “tumbled” brick option to the London Yellow Stock, this is a great new addition to our brick portfolio. The tumbled edges dramatically change the look and feel of the brick taking the square shape away due to the tumbling process.


  • size:  65mm
  • compressive strength: ≥25N/mm²
  • water absorption: ≤19%
  • durability: FL / F2
  • pack size: 540
  • weight per pack: approx 1100kg
  • active soluble salts content: S2
  • dimensional tolerances: T1 range category R1

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London Yellow Stock Tumbled

This superb brick has golden yellow shades with traditional ‘town ash’ style pock-marks making each brick unique in its appearance.  This yellow stock brick tumbled has been developed exclusively at Crest by their in-house brick experts and has already been very well received especially (unsurprisingly) in the South East. The Crest London Yellow Stock joins our other ‘London’ yellow bricks; the Mayfair and the Kensington in our extensive brick portfolio.


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London Yellow Stock Tumbled Options

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London Yellow Stock Tumbled

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