Priory Clay Pavers Collection

This range of high quality Priory clay paving bricks will enhance any build whether its residential, civil spaces or commercial developments.


The Crest Priory Clay Paving Bricks collection offers a choice of four different sizes: 

  • 215 x 102 x 65mm
  • 212 x 104 x 50mm
  • 240 x 115 x 52mm
  • 240 x 52 x 52mm

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Priory Clay Pavers Collection

At Crest we can supply a wide range of specialist paving bricks, central to this range is the Priory Collection of clay paving bricks. This collection of superb quality paving bricks is available in the six colours shown below.

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Priory Clay Pavers Collection Options

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Priory Clay Pavers Collection

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