The Double Roman Concrete Tile

Our Nelskamp Concrete Tiles really do have the ‘EDGE’ over other tiles! The Double Roman along with The Planum Concrete and Double Pantile raise the bar for quality in concrete tiles


  • Length ~ 420 mm.
  • Width ~ 332 mm.
  • Gauge ~ 310mm to 345 mm.
  • Covering Width ~ 300 mm ± 2.0 mm.
  • *Minimum roof pitch ~ 15º
  • Number of tiles per m² ~ 9.7
  • Weight per tile ~ 4.4kg.
  • Weight per m2 (min.) ~ 44kg

For further details on Low Pitched Roofing Advice please download the PDF below.


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The Double Roman Concrete Tile

The Crest Double Roman tile sets a new standard for this profile which everyone from Architects to Roofers appreciate. The Double Roman is superbly crafted by our partners Nelskamp, with its classic, timeless shape and the design which is perfectly enhanced by the smoother rounded edge which enhances the finished roof. With a covering capacity of just 9.7 tiles per square metre it also makes the Double Roman the perfect choice for a very economical and attractive roof.

These Double Roman tiles are engineered to the highest of standards and are available in six different colours along with a wide range of fittings.

Popular Fittings Include

  • Half Round Ridge
  • Angled Ridges
  • Left Hand Verge Tile
  • Half Tile (handed)
  • Half Left verge tile
  • Mansard tiles
  • Cloaked Verge Tiles, left and right.

Low Pitch Roof Specification 17˚- 15˚

  • Lay Double Roman straight bond.
  • Headlap minimum 110mm.
  • Use appropriate air and vapour permeable underlay, which does not require secondary roof ventilation.
  • Lay the roof underlay to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Maximum rafter length 7.5m.
  • All tiles to be clipped with Crest purpose-made tile clips, reference 409/001. Do not nail the tiles at 17˚ and below.
  • Roof perimeters including, abutments and around roof windows must be securely fixed to BS 5534.

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The Double Roman Concrete Tile

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