F8.5 Clay Pantile

The F8.5 is a high quality large format size pantile engineered with a new 'lightweight' technology.


  • Length ~ 499 mm.
  • Width ~ 344 mm.
  • Gauge ~ 370 mm. to 405 mm.
  • Covering Width ~ 297 mm ± 2.0 mm.
  • Minimum roof pitch* ~ 10º
  • Number of tiles per m2 ~ 8.4
  • Weight per tile ~ 4.6 kg.
  • Weight per m2 (min.) ~ 38.6 kg.
  • Battens required per per m2 (min) ~ 3.4
  • Batten size (mm) ~ 50 x 25
  • Fixing ~  Clipped


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F8.5 Clay Pantile

The F8.5 is an innovative clay pantile which brings together a high-quality large format size with new 'lightweight' engineering. Together by combining these attributes, the roof can be completed quicker and more economically than ever. Thanks to its ceramic quality clay and the latest Nelskamp technologies, the F8.5 also has a very high frost resistance with water absorption of less the 3%. The new pantile profile is designed superbly to aid fitting and ensures the best aesthetics and long-term durability for the finished roof. As with all of our tiles the F8.5 is available with a wide range of fittings and a choice of colours.

As the F8.5 is the perfect interlocking large clay pantile for low-pitch roofs, we recommend that these fixing practices are followed:
Low roof pitches 17˚-10˚

  • Use appropriate air and vapour permeable underlay, which does not require secondary roof ventilation.
  • Lay the roof underlay to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Lay F8.5 tiles straight bond
  • Headlap minimum 100mm
  • Maximum rafter length 6m
  • All tiles are to be clipped with purpose-made tile clips, reference 409/213
  • Roof perimeters including around roof windows must be securely fixed to BS 5534

All areas around the roof perimeter and abutments must be properly finished as well as any areas around any ‘velux type’ windows. (These are the areas where potential problems will likely occur on a low roof pitch.)



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